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Sunday, 22 November 2015

PORT CANAVERAL - the new port is open Doris visits via a Cruise.


View the film here and below - CANAVERAL 

When I arrived at the brand new cruise terminal and port I had a number of options. I could have gone to the Kennedy Space centre, could have visited Disney which is only 40 minutes away, could have taken an airboat tour on the Everglades but as I have already been to Disney 3 times and visited the Space Centre twice I decided to see what was on offer locally.

I set out to walk to Cocoa beach. It is a long walk but I thought I could always wimp out at Jetty Park beach which was only a half hour away and take the bus the rest of the way. As it was I am so glad I walked. The beach was an unexpected treat. Virtually deserted with the white sand stretching for miles and clear blue sea. The beach is spotless. Many sea birds wander around down by the water and they seem fearless. Some of them are really tiny but they don't budge until you walk right up to them. You will also pass the occasional fisherman.
The pier is like something out of a movie, and there are bars and restaurants and small shops on it. I sampled the blackened chicken salad and the coconut shrimp which has now become my favourite food. 
I walked a little way by the river. Many of the houses are situated on Banana river and can literally fish from their front lawn. 
I must admit that with the heat and the walk and a little explore around the town I was too worn out to walk back but the number nine bus took me all the way to the port. I couldn't resist visiting the Exploration Tower which was just a stone's throw away from the port and very good value for money. There was a discount for cruisers. From an observation deck at the top with stunning views, you could look across the port to the place where the rockets used to be launched, there was a movie theatre 
which showed an excellent informative film, and something different to see and do relating to Port Canaveral on each level on the way down.
There was so much more to this area than I had expected. Cocoa beach was a real surprise, so even if you have done Disney and the Kennedy Space Centre, Port Canaveral has a lot to offer.

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