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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

MIAMI in a day, but I needed more time

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When I arrived in Miami I must admit I was in a bit of a panic. So much to see, so little time! I decided on the hop on hop off bus tour as the most efficient way to see as much as possible. There were three tours included in the ticket. The city tour, the beach tour and the art and culture tour. As it happens I only managed to complete the city tour and the beach tour because I ran out of time. Although the bus took a little while to get going, once we started I was very impressed with our tour guide. He was entertaining, knowledgeable and extremely enthusiastic The first thing that struck me was the skyline which was really dramatic! I started off with the beach tour. I wanted to see Ocean Drive and Miami beach and they did not disappoint . Luckily I had made a  good decision to start with the beach tour as after a certain time in the morning they do not let the buses down the road as there are just too many people. So the bus has to take a detour. The Art Deco was impressive as were the designer muscles on Miami Beach. 

I spent too much time enjoying the hustle and bustle of the cafes where they sell the most enormous ice creams and the white sands of the beach so at the end of the day I was rushing to get everything crammed in. I walked down Ocean Drive imagining scenes from Miami Vice. I expected to bump into Don Johnson but no luck! I saw many amazing houses and hotels from the bus. Money and opulence are visible everywhere. There is an artificial island where many of the Stars have their homes. The Cuban palms are everywhere. On the city tour, as well as seeing the heart of the city we went to the Beverley Hills of Miami where the lawns are practically manicured, but the tour guide told us that if you don't keep your house up to a certain standard or even if you leave your garage door open too long you will get a fine. No wonder it all looks so good. 
We went through an area called Little Havana where there are all things Cuban, cigar factories, bars playing Cuban music and Cuban art everywhere. In fact not just in Little Havana but all over Miami there is a tangible Cuban influence. We saw the saddest monument in Miami. The monument to the Holocaust. People walked around it with great respect. Bayside was lively and full of shops, restaurants, ice cream and smoothie stalls. The marina was full of expensive yachts. I wish there had been more time to explore Miami but I got the flavour of it. Top tips, don't forget the sun cream it is so hot and the wind on the top of the buses may make you forget that you are getting burnt! I burnt the back of my neck because I had to take my hat off in case it blew away.! You will definitely have fun in Miami, it has so much character and something for everyone.

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