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Monday, 25 March 2019

NOVEL - CRUISE HEIST - millions of dollars and a few too many lives are at risk

There are millions of dollars, why you? How do you get it on board, and then off again? Then you realise there is far more to it and you weren't chosen by accident. Now, can you stay alive?

For two years Doris Visits contributor Stuart St Paulhas been looking at a possible film or drama to set on cruise ships. There are very few books that are set totally around cruising and cruise ships, and to re-work them for TV or a film was proving as much work as it was to develop a new work from the beginning. This new work could be current, pacey, a thriller that has the page turning style of modern box set TV. This first book is a movie in itself, or as they say a pilot episode if not a whole series because the twists and turns and blind alleyways and dead ends are endless. The bookis a real page-turner and is an accurate portrayal of both a cruise ship and the ports around the Panama Canal where it all kicks off in no uncertain terms, and that is to be expected as Stuart is now a regular guest on many different cruise ships talking about the films and television shows he has been in.
Commander Kieron Phillips survived Ireland, survived Iraq and many more missions behind enemy lines. Now retired, he finds himself looking down the wrong end of an automatic weapon in South America, and potentially in the most dangerous situation of his life. Being killed in service might have been envisaged, but on the first holiday of his retirement- if release with no pension or honours can be classed as retirement- danger was the last thing he expected. Click the picture for a pre-release version on Kindle. The book will be out soon.
Kieron is going on a cruise to meet with his adopted daughter, a dancer on the ship. But even in his short journey from luggage reclaim to customs he is chatted up by a Latina beauty who won’t seem to leave him alone, and watched covertly by another stunning woman who has a more familiar somewhat military air. Sadly, for him, it seems it’s not his rugged good looks they are after, and before he knows it one woman is arrested, another sharing his taxi to the ship and a third arrives carrying a case that obviously doesn’t belong to her, filled with who knows what. Kieron involuntarily becomes involved in the movement of drugs and money in South America. All he wanted was a quiet break.
His two new accomplices smuggle the case with its unknown contents onto the ship. Now embroiled in the saga, his cabin is searched by a stowaway gunman looking for the Latina woman who he thinks is on board and was not arrested. Standing on the deck looking down at dock in Panama, he realises it could be unsafe for him to get off, but on instinct, when he sees the female officer he met at the airport being followed. He takes off after the team of locals, into an area of downtown that cruise guests would never venture and a world of trouble which has to resolve before the ship sails.
Kieron continually battles with himself, trying to leave his life in conflict behind him, to adjust to civilian life and spend time with his daughter, to play Dad, but continually gets pulled back like a magnet, into the criminal drama escalating below decks. Is he seeking it out, or is it seeking him out? He starts to wonder if his being on this cruise was an accident, or whether someone saw his ex-military status and put him in the right place at the right time. It becomes clear to him that he cannot trust anyone on the ship, and no crazy amount of money is worth either his life or the life of his daughter. They are both in serious trouble which escalates as they cross the Atlantic out of reach of any helicopter, policing or rescue – his time of jumping from boats and planes is far from over if he wants to live.SHIPS & CHAT - Read a cruise novel, share with the community for your cruise operator or ship. You will find them here + share  - clickCruise Ship Heist - Ocean Atlantic is out on Kindle, the paperback will be out spring 2019. The second novel in the series, Cruise Murders – Ocean Pacificwill be out next year. Cruise novels are published by Cruise Doris Books. The parent company has previously released films themselves and with distributors Universal and ICON. Cruise Doris Visits cruise books must take place against the backdrop of a cruise, so they make ideal cruise reading.
Click the book pictures for a description. See on Amazon below.

Francis Rossi - Talking Too Much

Just weeks before Francis Rossi's book, 'I Talk Too Much' was to hit the shelves, we were askedto go to Fiji to recount the making of Bula Quo with the rock legends Status Quo for P&O and re-tell the story. We all knew there was a chance that making the film might be the last big venture for the duo Francis and Rick, even though a sequel in India was planned. None of us could tell at the time how Rick would take to the heat, he was losing his hair daily because of the steroids he had to take. Francis had originally said he would only wear his signature black jeans and white shirt. This new venture for both of them meant working longer hours than ever and we knew would be a test on many levels.
The new book is out now.

During filming, Francis sat on the beach and just talked, talked about things he has never mentioned before, like the band member way back when called Barry. He also told of the relationship with Rick, his feelings of fear before new projects and how the film had surprised them both and put new life in the relationship.
For the first time, we release the interview unedited. The book I Talk Too Muchis available from Amazon in various forms and on Kindle. I TALK TOO MUCHwent into the Sunday Times charts at number 3 this week. #FrancisRossi #Italktoomuch #StatusQuo
 Below is the film we shot back in Lautoka, Fiji and talking about where we shot the movie.

Tickets for his new tour are available, see his own web site.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Sleigh ride in Madeira ???

OK, so Christmas tradition is a sleigh ride, reindeer, Father Christmas in a red hat, and curved wrought iron hand rails on the sleigh. But in Madeira it is all year round, except they are dressed in white like Gondoliers in white suits and straw hats. Not many cruisers will hit the snow, but they will get the traditional toboggan ride. If it is Christmas take your own Santa hat. The toboggan ride is great fun and one of the things Funchal is famous for. We thought we would show you the run in full although it is shown briefly in the main film. If you want to know what the toboggan run is like the full four minutes is covered.

The cable car will take you up, a long walk down or a bus or a taxi will probably want to take you back up. If they do you can see the Monte Palace Tropical Gardens if you missed them. The sled was probably just invented as a quick way down, maybe to carry produce to the markets below. We love Madeira, we love the Canary Islands Cruise. It feels so easy.
The Canary Island Cruise is one of the most popular on the Britannia.
Click here to see the cruise and book on the Fred Olsen site and get the latest and best deals on Canary Islands.

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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Boston Harbour Walk, Massachusetts Bay

The Harborwalk connects over forty parks, a dozen museums, seven beaches and hundreds of restaurants and stores and stretches 43 miles along the Bay of what is officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is the most populated state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. The variety the walk offers ranges from maritime industrial areas and working port operations to areas for swimming or fishing. You are never going to walk it all, not in a day, certainly not in a cruise stop, but it is interesting to know that it links so much. Mayor Raymond Flynn began this project in 1984 as a commitment to protect public access as the waterfront was redeveloped. Since then the Harborwalk has emerged piece-by-piece and is nearing completion. Where possible it is a 12-foot pathway with public amenities such as parks, restaurants, stores, cultural institutions and importantly bathrooms. There is also a water transportation infrastructure.
So, if you are dropped at Quincy market by your cruise shuttle, or come into Aquarium Metro, the Wharf is right there and both ways have interesting things to see. We take you right to the Tea Party Museum and left to Joe's and other restaurants. There is an app in the usual stores under 'Welcome to Boston Harbour', or plan your visit here with the Ferry schedule to one of the Islands.

If you are on a New England Cruise we have many films that might help you plan or excite you about your forthcoming trip, or if you are undecided they might just sway you to this route. They include, Boston Cheers, Boston Harbour Walk, Boston Clough House, New York Statue of Liberty and Island trip, NY Ellis Island, NY Empire State Building by Night, NY Big Bus Blue Route, NY Big Bus Purple Route, NY Big Bus Red Route, New York Library, New York Grand Central Station, Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, Baltimore Guide, Charleston Guide and Bermuda.

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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

This ambitious build in Midtown Manhattan between 48th and 55th streets is historic as it was taken on by one man. It was declared an American National Historic Landmark in 1987. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. leased the 22 acres from Columbia University in 1928, the development began in 1930 without the originally planned opera house as his plans changed following the stockmarket crash of 1929 and the Metropolitan Opera's continual delays to hold out for a more favourable lease. Rockefeller decided to move forward without them stating, "It was clear that there were only two courses open to me. One was to abandon the entire development. The other to go forward with it in the definite knowledge that I myself would have to build it and finance it alone." As the sole financier, on a 27-year lease with options for three 21 year renewals, from Columbia, he negotiated a line of credit with the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and covered other expenses through the sale of his oil company stock. The initial costs were estimated at $250 million. It was the largest private building project ever undertaken in modern times. Now the building attracts approximately 350,000 visitors and tenants daily!!!

The Rockefeller Centre is the most recognised commercial property in the world. The Rockefeller Centre houses art, pieces, sculptures and wall paintings. There are some restaurants and bars, much commercial office space and roof gardens. NBC runs 21 floors, then there is the combined ticket Top of the Rock and Museum of Modern Art. The centre building stands 70 floors and reaches 872 ft less than half the size of the Burj Khalifa showing how times have changed in so many respects. The address is 30 Rockefeller Centre and it gave its name to the TV show. It is situated in midtown Manhattan between Fifth and Sixth Avenue. The first building completed was the Radio City Music Hall, in December 1932. At the time, it was said to be the largest and most opulent theater in the world. As well as being famous for the Christmas Tree and Ice Skating there are other family events throughout the year. It has Bill's Burger Bar, Ben & Jerry's, Harry's Italian Pizza and other eateries. The shops include the NBC shop and a Lego shop.

SEE THE CRUISE BEFORE YOU CRUISE THE SEA. Check out some of the great Cruise Routes, our concise films of what a ship offers when it takes a specific route. These are typical routes but we do have films to help cruisers on every popular cruise destination in the world.  Baltic Route - Canary Islands Cruise - New England Cruise - Caribbean Cruise (from Barbados) - Norwegian Fjords - Mediterranean Routes

Monday, 16 October 2017

Madeira Tropical Gardens, blogs and film set to Mark Blackledge's music

At the top of the cable car, many people walk straight past the gardens to get to the toboggan ride. That is fair, but if you want to see the gardens then do that first or you will have to come back up again as opposed to going down from the base of the toboggan.
The Monte Tropical Gardens are so extensive (70,000 sq meters) that you could spend a day there and walk back to the ship. They are tiered gardens on the mountainside. In the grounds is a three storey museum

The Monte Palace Tropical Garden has an huge exotic plant’s collection, coming from all over the world. There is manor house and lake with water features, swans including Black swans from Australia, Tasmania and New Zeeland, and duck’s. Peacocks and chickens walk free in the grounds.
The Monte Palace Museum is an ideal exhibition space nestled within the beautiful surroundings of a tropical garden. There are three floors, two of which are dedicated to sculptures and the third houses a unique mineral collection gathered from the four corners of the world as seen in the film. 'African Passion' shows part of a collection of contemporary Zimbabwean sculpture from the period 1966 to 1969. 'Mother Nature's Secrets', on the lower floor, proudly exhibits one of the finest private collections of minerals, predominately from Brazil, Portugal, South Africa, Zambia, Peru, Argentina and North America.
Around the garden is a large collection of tile panels placed along the walkways and amongst the vegetation. The collection is considered to be one of the most important in the country after that of the National Tile Museum, is made up of Hispano-Moorish tiles of the 15th and 16th centuries and panels produced in Portugal from the 19th to the 20th centuries.

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Top 5 attractions to catch while in New York - our list will be different to yours...

What are you going to see? The churches, Ground Zero, Central Park, the Empire State Building? There is a lot to choose from and we have started with a real favourite and one you might not have had on your list. Everyone has a different idea of a top 5 list, and most lists are obvious, which is why we wanted to feature our number 1 choice of things not to miss in New York.

New York, New York, there is so much to do, and we have so many films, this is just our top tips of what not to miss. It is a huge city where even the locals, the taxi drivers and the police don't know everywhere, they can't know every building which is why everyone works in blocks. If you want a building or a hotel, mention the two streets it crosses, like 42nd and 7th. Then it makes sense to everyone. Once you are close you can look for the building.

So, what and why, well why because it is easy and free - easy because you will probably be in mid town, most likely go see Grand Central Station but not this. But it is just a short walk from the station, two blocks up on Madison Avenue. .....  You might not put the New York Library on your list, unless you are a Ghostbusters fan - but you should. It is one of the most impressive buildings in New York, it houses (in all buildings) over 18 millions books and is iconic.