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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Pizza Festival - what's not to like

Pizza Village is before, Pizzafest is after school holidays

Pizza Village is where the Pizza world Championship is held.

It is a free event featuring pizza demonstrations and exhibits on the waterfront of Naples. It is huge with much partying for a whole week, the third week in June. Pizza experts from all over Itally come to compete especially in the first two days. It draws chefs from over 50 historical Neapolitan pizzerias and over half a million visitors. It has an official web site to list the special events. Click Here.

Pizzafest where the dough is thrown around

For two weeks after the main school holiday season, that is weeks two and three of September, Pizzafest centers at Mostra d’Oltremare, Naples’ main convention centre.

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Naples is said to be the birthplace of Pizza in the Mediterranean, but the flat bread dish was long established in the middle east before it got to Italy, just as the noodles now know as spaghetti were taken to Venice by the Chinese. Sure, there is a lot to do in this area, just look at the tours to give you a clue, but when someone says Pizza, and they aim to be the best pizza's ever, and fine fine or beer might be involved along with music and dancing lots of street entertainers and a real atmosphere of party! In 2004, in Italy rules were drawn up prescribing how a real Neapolitan pizza must be. Firstly, the dough must rise for at least six hours and must be shaped by hand. Secondly, pizza must be round and not more than 13.7 inches in diameter. Thirdly, it must be cooked in a wood-fire oven with three versions only permitted: Marinara with garlic and oregano; Margherita with basil, tomatoes and cheese from the southern mountains; and the ‘Extra Margherita’ which must include buffalo mozzarella from the Campania region. Pizza professionals from all over Italy arrive to compete in the competitions.

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