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Saturday, 13 May 2017

TREVI FOUNTAIN, ROME - the best place to take a picture

Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain

The best time to take a picture is early, but that might not be possible due to your travel arrangements. Cruise passengers will not get into Rome early not matter how hard they try. But there is a spot that misses the crowd and gives you the great shot.
Take a look at our video. Click here to link.

Luckily we have a camera man and director and when awake !!  They look for the spots that maybe others miss. That is not to say they always get it right but for the Trevi Fountain they did. In the bottom of the frame you can see the tourists fighting to get the great shot. Let us show you where we went to get this.

This film, the first out of the edit on Rome, starts to the Spanish Steps and shows a little of the short walk to the Trevi Fountain.

After the fountain we found a Pimp Your Magnum ice cream shop, why not re dip it in chocolate and choose your toppings. We are sure that was not there last time we visited.

This series of blogs and videos are from a cruise on the Britannia, so we have covered the ship, we covered glass blowing in Gibraltar and shot our first travel film in Barcelona.

There will be a few films from Rome and we hope to clear the edit before our next assignment in the Fjords. Others this your include back from Venice, Boston to Bermuda and a few others, so the videos of cruise destinations should grow.

We also plan to rebuild the web site but time as well as final design are the enemy there. Finally as always we rely on you enjoying the Doris Visits films and telling others. We would like some social media marketeers to join the team but that is another thing on the to do list, Alexa!