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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Britannia Cruise ship, take a look all over it

Cruise Ship, never been on the Britannia ?

We invite you to take a look around, as usual the Doris Visits way. See the Cruise before you cruise the sea. We might not have blogged for a while but it is because we have been mega busy. Our web site is due for a major redesign now we have way over 100 films and so much more going on for cruisers, but it is still the best place to stay in touch. Follow us there. Here

So, the Britannia is big. A Night Club lounge that holds over 600, a theatre that holds 950 and a dining cabaret club called the Limelight, added to a cinema that holds 200 and other areas. There are fine dining restaurants like the Epicurean and Sindhu as well as the Glass House.

You may have never seen kids clubs but it is worth taking a few seconds to see why you don't see many kids on board, because they are in here. Cookery classes and much more, the Britannia is huge. Because it is big, it can only dock at big ports so will not get to locations the small ships can. We never docked at Monaco because of high winds, so had an extra day at sea.

It is best you take a look. Click here.


Our films on Rome and Barcelona will follow, on our site we also have films from Bora Bora and Tahiti, we have been busy !