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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Who Goes to which Christmas Market ? Where are the great Christmas Markets ?

Christmas markets are now everywhere

The first Christkindlemärik claims to have been held in Strasbourg in 1570. Now markets full of seasonal trinkets, Christmas songs and carols, candied almonds, chestnuts, stollen, fragrant gingerbread and mulled wine have spread all over Europe. There are so many you could go anywhere to see sparkling decorations illuminating medieval buildings and historic town squares, but, there are some that are special.

London, Southbank

This stretches from the National Theatre to the London Eye, the huge wheel that overlooks London as a lit up city for Christmas. On a good clear night, there is no other city as spectacular as London. The streets off Oxford Street can surprise as well as the lights in the main street. Trafalgar Square was a huge disappointment for us last year. The worst decorated tree in London.

xmas-tallinTallinn, Estonia

Tallinn stands out because it is picturesque before you dress it with Christmas. This compact city with many churches comes alive at Christmas. There is a program of song and dance over this period.

Strasbourg, Europe

300 stalls, spread out over 12 locations in the city centre. This city produces a special atmosphere of warmth and generosity, an Alsatian tradition which has been successfully maintained since the first market (1570). SAGA Christmas on the Rhine goes here. Click here.


Copenhagen, brims with Christmas cheer from Tivoli to a market where all the stalls are  named after Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, tastefully decorated with thousands of Christmas lights.. The Arcadia goes there click here for details.

Zagreb, Croatia

The city streets and squares invite you to let your hair down and partake in singing, dancing, and other kinds of entertainment with family and friends. You can also sample traditional delicacies alfresco or enjoy themed programmes which take you down memory lane.

header_wismar_pic1Wismar, Germany ***

This world Heritage Hanseatic City might not be on your normal list, but it is a new stop for Fred Olson this year. Wiser is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic Christmas markets in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Fred Olson goes there 7 nights from the 15th Dec from Tilbury. Click here.

Colmar, France

Is the third largest Alsace community in the North Eastern region of France. It is a wine route and was formally German. Many traditions and Christmas is amongst them.


BrugesChocolate and Christmas. The cobble streets and squares are an ideal setting for the Christmas markets. There is always an open air ice rink. At this time of the year a ride on a horse and carriage is extra special. The OCEANA cruises there and Amsterdam for a 5 night Christmas taster from 29th December. E726 Belgium and the Netherlands. Click here.

Innsbruck, Austria

Against the picturesque mountains Innsbruck Christmas market has the snow capped advantage. It is spread over at least 6 markets with over 200 stalls and a 14 meter high Christmas tree.


Amongst the many cosy Christmas markets there is one at Liseberg Amusement park or 40km away is the Tjolöholm Castle with fireworks and other activities.    The Arcadia goes to Gothenburg - click here for details.

Bremen, Germany

Is said to be one of the best Christmas markets in Germany. Set in front of the Town Hall with nearly 200 stalls you will be able to smell the sausages cooking as well as the Christmas spirit.

St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg's Ostrovskovo Square is where the Christmas Market has been held since it started in 2006. It is a five-minute walk from the right side of Gostiny Dvor metro station, a small square dominated by the huge, bronze monument of Catherine the Great where you will find the market.

Billand, Denmark

The home of Lego, so this is a family destination. DUPLO land turns into Christmas.
Fred Olson may have the gem, Wismar in their Christmas Cruise. Click here to site.

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