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Friday, 4 November 2016

Time to think of skiing again, but skiing is not for the young, they can't keep up

Skiing is not for the young, they can't take the pace!

That is what my children and their friends say when we ski with them, and ski all day, they stay in apr├ęs ski until the end.

So, 'www.DorisVisits.com' loves cruising, but we love all social activities, from our golf breaks to our skiing (and a little white water rafting). Therefore, I do occasionally add other films that are not 'ship to shore' based so people do not get the wrong idea about people who cruise. We meet many fellow skiers and golfers on cruises.

We are already booked to visit Val D'sere and then Les Arcs in January 2017, and maybe we will find a few other places to explore, maybe with camera in hand. Follow the web page and platforms because after that we join the Arcadia in Hawaii so there will be some films.

Last year was our first ski trip with camera for Doris Visits in which we show the Three Valleys. Staying on Courchevel, we also covered Meribel and Val Thorens.

I have updated the Courchevel web page on www.DorisVisits.com to add in some ski tips, and one is protection. I don't mean sun cream and I expect you are already wearing a crash helmet or your insurance is unlikely to be valid, but I discuss the knee protection. As that page is often updated with tips and deals I am referring you to that blog after this. Click this text to go there.

Four years ago my partner had a long overdue double full knee replacement (over his previous upper tibia osteotomy). He was skiing twelve weeks to the day after the double knee replacement operation, but obviously with some help. His knees were so bad before replacement that he could hardly walk, and he thought his ski days were over until our son Luke bought him a pair of Mojos. These are designed for hard powder snow skiers who heliski, and want to ski all day. The leg muscles just cannot do all that work alone, especially if you are a one or two week a year skier. These leg springs do many things, but they make skiing easier, improve your style and give some knee protection. They made him ski better than he could walk.

So, in the web page I am regularly updating the tips and talk more about protection, back, hips, head and knees, and there is the film of Courchevel.  Apart from the end shot, none of it is shot with a GoPro. I am wearing my radio mike, as I do on all the cruise films, and Mr Double Knee Replacement is chasing me down the black runs with the hand held Black Magic Movie Camera and radio sound to camera equipment.

Our favourite resorts are in Austria, mine is St. Anton. I have been there since my 60th, so a return is overdue .... not long over due!

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