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Thursday, 10 November 2016

P&O Cruise Ship Arcadia World Cruise 2017 - Polynesian & Asian Adventure

P&O Cruise Ship Arcadia World Cruise 2017 - Polynesian & Asian Adventure

It is a dream, a bucket list item, but also a huge undertaking. Columbus and Vasco did it and they, like all seafarers made stops. So, 'world cruise' does not mean the whole world and it does not mean 'never getting off'. Though I add, there are those who never leave the ship.  

What does a World Cruise mean?

It probably means you are retired or you could not take 114 days off work in one stretch. Not and come home to a job still waiting. It undoubtedly means you are an adventurous.
There are those who make it the holiday of a life time, those who do it over and over again once hooked, and those who plan such a journey around family that now lives abroad, like Australia.
The Acradia is one of P&O's ships that undertakes these mammoth journeys each year and it is partly because it is an adult only ship and it is just small enough to get through the Panama and Suez Canals where as the Azura is 2 meters too wide for Panama.
What do you pack, what do you need. Not much is the real answer though you will take a lot more. When at home you probably have the same cycle of clothes, and it will be little different on board. You will go out more, because the theatre, club and pub are all just a stroll down the deck. You might use the laundry room, you might use the laundry service, but you will not be doing any cooking. Not on the Arcadia. You might on the Britannia which has a huge kitchen for cookery classes with stars.
The Arcadia will move quickly from Southampton on January the 2nd and before you know it be in Madeira, then Barbados, then on transit through the Panama Canal. Before you know it, you will have turned native and enjoy being looked after in style. USA, Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, Middle East ... the list goes on. If you are sitting on a nest egg, just remember you can't take it with you. Take a look at more details and some of our films that will help you plan, because the one thing you won't have easily is internet and research and some excursions should be considered before you go.

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