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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Fiji - A Cyclone then a rock band

Fiji, first rocked by a cyclone , then rocked by Status Quo.

This is an interesting blog about Fiji for those interested on how one works in a foreign place, then in the face of disaster. In 2012 people were losing and had lost their homes, but nearly a million pounds of some other people's pension funds had been invested in a film with Status Quo. So, disaster or not, life has to go on.
Not everyone would have flown to Fiji in the aftermath of the disaster, there genuinely was a food problem, no film catering, no electricity and in many places no water. That included many hotels. One of our locations, the spectacular Intercontenental had no water or electricity and closed. They did not comprehend that that would ideal for us to film in, no one to be bothered by us. So we had to wait until the tourists came back then had to move them.

Much is discussed in this film of Fiji and dealing with film making, as well as the story of the film and Status Quo themselves slowly unfolding. So as we can steal time from Doris in the edit, we will continue this story of the making of Bula Quo in the Pacific Island of Fiji.

The actual live show of this is told by director Stuart ST Paul occasionally, and he next tells it in the Pacific, on the cruise ship Arcadia during its world cruise of 2017. He joins the ship in Hawaii and will be telling the story as the ship sails down to Tahiti.

To see the part 2 of the behind the scenes film click here.


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