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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Iberia Cruise P&O Azura A628, we're you on it, wish you had been. Take a look.

The film to remember where you were, see what you missed, or figure whether you want to do this great trip - it is all here

Below is a list of some of the Canary Island cruises coming up, including one offering New Year's Eve in Madeira. We hope the film and the list is helpful. Please note, even if we mention a price it is best to click the link to go to the operator's web site to get the latest price.

CANARY ISLANDS CRUISE A628 - take a look

OK, you can call it overcast, but 7th October was a great day to sail, nice weather, flat seas and the Azura set sail under Captain Robert Camby, the man who always has a 'thought for the day'. Azura was sailing south westerly for the English Channel and some guests were already dressed for dinner and eating.
Want to read first or watch the whole shooting match ....

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