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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Today, beautiful people, we are in Marbs! Marbella, Puerto Banus and off to the Starlite

Today, beautiful people, we are in Marbs! Marbella, Puerto Banus and off to the Starlite

Costa del Sol pt1

We are taking some time to travel up and down the Costa Del Sol while the weather is super hot, and I have to say it was super hot last week when we tried to play golf at mid-day ... daft idea.


Let its start at Malaga, to us, previously a place of transit. A port for a ship to dock or a plane to land and then travel on. However, we stayed in Malaga for a day and it is quite some City with a lot to offer. Doris was actually heard to say she would like to holiday there. Castle, Port, and the best Botanical Gardens in the whole Mediterranean. Take a look.

So from Picasso (and Doris worked on Surviving Picasso as chaperone to her then young daughter actress Laura Aikman who played Hopkins daughter), we leave the main city. Passing along the coast are the beach resorts of Torremolinos and the lift up to the Safari Park. Miles of area and beach designed for family fun and although packed solid when we were there the atmosphere was electric. We did little filming there because people on beaches look the same everywhere. So, into the mountains....


Mijas does have a beach, and a town, and a mountain village. It is the mountain village famous for the Donkey Taxi which drew us back there to show you. If on a cruise, Mijas is just 20 minutes from the port and a half day there is ideal. If on a beach holiday, it is a very different experience and very relaxing. It has some of the best views in the Costa del Sol. let the film show you.

Back in the car, water in hand we headed for the mid way stop. We were looking for the area known as Marbs! Marbella, and the adjoining Puerto Banus. We first went there when shooting a Lunn Polly commercial what must have been 30 years ago. Then we were staying in and filming in Fuengirola which for a time had a few tin shacks as small studios. It is a beach like the one at Torremolinos. We went to 'Banus and had lobster.... it is still as swanky but much much more developed.

Marbella and Puerto Banus

Marbella is a different experience, the place to pose. You can hire a Ferrari by the hour, a Bentley by the hour, a yacht by the hour and many do. It is the place to show off the nails and the shoes. There is not much to say about it other than it is about where you eat, where you are seen to eat, and drink cocktails of all varieties. We went there to meet with friends Status Quo, whom we have known since the 70's and with whom we made a feature film in 2012 in Fiji called Bula Quo. Had they not been playing the club carved in the mountains, in an old quarry we would maybe never have gone. We are grateful we did.

Not a bad start to the Cost Del Sol. The plan is to carry on down towards Gib' ... trendy name for Gibraltar though it is not trendy. Not like Marbs anyway. On the way we will stop at a few more towns. The Costa del Sol changes as you get to the other end as you will see, and the wealth changes from hiring a Ferrari to hiring a team of grooms to look after your polo horses..... Part two follows after we have had a few more beers.

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