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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Time to think of winter sun - and the Caribbean

It is starting to get a little cold....

Sadly the year is ending, and we are switching attention from the Mediterranean to the Canaries. We leave to film the stops there next week so they will be ready for next years choices. But you might like to click here and flip to our web site www.DorisVists.com and see the many Caribbean stops.

My guess is you are going to fly into Barbados, so remeber it is an easy place to get round and you do not have to stay in the town. Even on the regular local buses for $2 you could go north and have lunch at Mullens, go south and see Oistins, or travel west to the rougher Atlantic coast and Botanical gardens.

We are web bloggers, so let the film show you Oistins and Mullens. Take a few minutes.

Then there is the other side of Barbados. So beautiful for completely different reasons and again, just a bus ride away.

You then have a wide choice of islands to choose and that and the ship make the cruise so different. It is not just the islands from Cuba to Tortola, but the main land. A Caribbean Cruise is often a hard choice because there is so much to choose from. Again, I suggest you go to our main web site to see more stops than in this blog, but if you go to St Maarten, the local bus is also good. We show you how to get from the Dutch side to the French side and back.

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