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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Secret London, walking with stories is a great way to see London

Doris Visits secret London

London is an old city just full of stories. The Great Fire of London is 350 years only this year, and it features in so many stories and nursery rhythms. Actress Jean Heard who plays Doris in Doris Visits, has a one woman show on Nel Gwynne which all takes place in that time of wooden London and Samuel Pepys.

Nel Gwynn's London

Take a look at her stories following Nel Gwyn from the theatre pubs to Covent Garden.

If the theatre pubs and their stories interest you then jump a few years forward and look at another Britsh Royal and his affair with an actress, Lillie Langtry. The two are connected as you will find a signed photo of Lillie Langtry in the Nel Gwynne pub if you look hard enough. The other big one to see is Rules.

Rule Restaurant

Rules claims to be the oldest restaurant in London and the staff will charm you with the stories. There are posters on all the walls models of the site along with pictures of the Kings secret entrance and the curtain that separated them from the other diners. From the window you can watch the actors go in and out of the stage doors which no doubt made it the Kings favourite. We would like to thank Rules for giving us such access and assistance.

The Palace and the Royals

Buckingham Palace itself was not immune from the stories and affairs of Kings, infant they were known to share the balcony with the Queen. Take a look at the Palace in our film and the stories that surround it and the nearby buildings.

Yes, there is nothing like stories of affairs and trysts to make a good walk around London even more fun this weekend.

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