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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Doris Visits travel channel now stands alone....

Doris Visits travel channel stands alone with a huge future.

As of today we have got 73 travel films on the new Doris Visits YouTube channel and 73 on the Daily Motion channel which automatically goes to Opera TV.  And growing ....

Complete Costa Del Sol next

Which means we can leave for Spain next week knowing a huge hurdle has been jumped. There we shoot Sotogrande, Dequesas and Estapona to complete the Costa Del Sol. You may have seen the film on Puerto Banus where we went out last week to see our friends Status Quo play the Starlite.

Shades Of Bad

The travel show started as a spin off of the drama series Shades Of Bad, which next week publishes episode 61 that was shot as we left Barcelona. If you have not seen the Barcelona episodes, or the sunset as we left (which is a cheat as it was as we left a Caribbean Island). Then take a look now.
Click this text for Episode 61 of the drama. This episode is not released until Friday on YouTube and we shoot episode 62 when we return next week. That will be a tight deadline.

73 films in 6 months

61 drama episodes is a huge body of work, but not as big as the 73 films on the travel show Doris Visits, which is less than 6 months old. To produce that kind of product output has required systems to be put in place and changed and changed again. But now Doris Visits stands alone, its own web, instagram, and channels.




So you may have been watching Doris Visits on the Shades Of Bad, but now we are throwing away those big numbers and redirecting you to the new channel. In the pipeline as are some Fiji films with Status Quo, as well as a cruise to the Canaries after our trip to Spain.

If you can keep spreading the word, directing your friends and fellow cruisers to the new channels, we will continue to make the films.

London Films and a celebration

We have also started a London series and as we were celebrating this weekend, a very belated special birthday of SSP,  we have got two unexpected films to add to the London section.
The first is the Canal boat trip from Little Venice to Camden, which you can do for a few pounds, the second was a meal at London's premiere restaurant, Restaurant Story, for which you need the national debt of a small country but for which you will be rewarded.

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