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Monday, 29 August 2016

Holiday Resort in the UK with a MICROCLIMATE

Holiday Resort in the UK with a MICROCLIMATE - and in easy cheap reach - click anywhere on this text to see the film

Yes we didn't believe it either, so we took the invitation and went down for a day and over night. We went to the Isle of Wight, which is 22 minutes by normal ferry of the shore of Portsmouth. 

The trip was easy from Waterloo station and the advance ticket was very cheap. A day ferry ticket to the Isle Of Wight is about £10, we had to pay more as we stayed over night. So the ferry penalises you for spending more money on the island, I never get that. But that poor moment over, the rest was simple and plain sailing.

London Underground

You might wonder I announce the London Underground. Well, it exists on the Isle of Wight, over ground. They bought the old Central line tube trains. They run up the pier to the ferry port to collect you, take you on various routes through the islands to the most glorious sandy beaches on the other side. I deal with three main stops on that train as the Isle Of Wight is somewhere you can't park easily, so train if you can.


Sundown is a 2 mile beach that could be in the Caribbean. The sand is great and families were having fun in what can only be described as an old English manner that should not be forgotten. Whilst I have seen beaches all over the world there was an atmosphere here that was different. The nearby Zoo used to exorcise the animals on the beach, that and dogs are not allowed now. The beaches are clean. The esplanade is ice creams and fish and chips but you can find some nice bistros. See the film by clicking any part of this text.


Is another stop on the 'central line'. Another sandy beach with a pier. Almost an image from J B Priestly's Lost Empires, the entertainment and amusement parks are there for families to play together, though as I sat on the beach and looked around I did see many parents just staring into their mobile phones because you are still on UK tariff.


Ventor is different. The Botanical Gardens is really charming and we have filmed many Botanical Gardens. The Cricket Pitch next door was in full swing with a local game and celebrations; what could be more British - or Indian, or West Indian, or Australian ... OK I will stop. 
The beach at the back of the Botanical Gardens has a steep set of stairs and it goes down to a cove that is like an episode of an ITV murder mystery, and it has charm, real charm. It is the one in the main picture, but please watch the film to see access.
Ventnor main beach is nearer the town centre and the town hosts a fringe arts festival to compete with Edinburgh Festival and on the same basis for artists and it is growing and getting some big names there.


The chines are like valleys, they are cuts in the white chalk cliffs that form the micro climate and shelter from the wind, and Black Gang Chine claims to be the first theme park. It certainly still works for the visiting families.

Click here to see the film. And please share. This is a little gem that is so easy to visit.

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