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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Tallinn in Estonia, what an undiscovered gem. Doris Visits Tallinn on the P&O Arcadia Cruise J610

Tallinn in Estonia, what an undiscovered gem. Doris Visits Tallinn on the P&O Arcadia Cruise J607. Click here for a tour of the Arcadia.

Doris Visits is the spin off show from the dark humorous web TV show SHADES OF BAD where actress Jean Heard was twice voted Best Actress in the USA for this UK web soap.

The spin off series DORIS VISITS has gone everywhere from the Red Sea to the Caribbean and now fully covers a Baltic Cruise with films at each cruise stop.

Click any of the text below for the film on Tallinn.

Tallinn was an unexpected pleasure. Not that Jean didn't expect it to be nice, but in that it rocked and blew the other stops off the chance of a number one.

Yes, Tallinn is both beautiful and friendly. 

The walk from the ship is probably under a mile and easy, and as you get near there is an old city map and the couch spires are a clue. Once through the castle walls you are in an old walled city that is full of new buildings. It is said that Tallinn has one foot in the past and one foot in the present but that is the charm of this port which was a major trading stop between the 13th and 16th century making it one of the Hasciendic League.

Tallinn used to have the tallest building in the world. That must have been a long time ago because the tower on St Olav's is not that tall, but the narrow winding stone stairs are for 'two way traffic' and some might find them too narrow for single climbing. Only the fit should attempt this because the view is replicated across town.

There is also a tour of the underground tunnels, those that are not closed off because of the protected bats and 9 inch giant spiders in the other parts which must not be disturbed. The tunnels are cold and blankets are supplied and advised. the walk through the tunnels is about an hour so plan the time in order to find your way back to the ship.

Though the town is small, it is best to get a handle on landmarks early if you are not on an organised tour that always guarantees to get you back or make the ship wait.

One of our friends in the entertainment department on board tried the Honeydew beer and warned us off, so we stayed coffee and cake at the Toompea castle viewing spot. Click any of the text above from the Tallinn picture to here to be taken to the Tallinn film.

The Doris Visits will help to orientate you before you go and give you just a little taste of what is a very special place. With six ships in port you can tell it is popular. If only they gave us more votes in the European Song Contest, that would be perfect ... you are only reminded of that because of the Abba Museum in Stockholm. You did see our film on that didn't you? If not click here.

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