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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Edinburgh Festival draws near ... the Royal Mile will be heaving.

Edinburgh: Festival, Royal Yacht and Harry Potter, what a mix!

Edinburgh Festival is one of our favourite times of the year. The comedy on show is of the best, the bars and alfresco gatherings are as good as any in Europe if the weather holds, and from memory it seems to.

Edinburgh is also a cruise stop, so all these places can be seen however you spend a day there.

Doris Visits thought it would go there before the rush of the Festival and shoot a different side of Edinburgh, so, if you are going it might give you some ideas to cover. We had the help of two local lads, who to be honest had encouraged us to go up. Sam and Finlay.

Once again, click the text to see the films, not the photographs.

In the main film Doris shops for Scottish oysters, caught that morning in Glasgow and sold with the fresh Hake she had for main course cooked by Sam and Findlay's father Mat, who is an incredible cook and took us to Musselburgh and introduced us to the Clark Brothers fishmongers. 

Edinburgh is a diverse city from the ocean to the castle. Built on three volcanoes she climbed Arthur's Seat and looked back at the city, here is the main film. It will help your orientation if new to Edinburgh.

This film also crosses over and finds a place where Lillie Langtry visited, another theme Doris Visits in the UK Doris Visits films.

Doris Visits found the origins of Harry Pottery which was written in part in the Elephant Cafe and based on the vision of Fettes College amongst others. 
The last book was written in a posh Edinburgh Hotel and Doris also shows you the Castle at the top and the distant view of a school which was also used as a model.

Every building is Potter like. Click this text, here for the Harry Potter origins.

Then the jewel in the crown to pardon a pun, the Doris Visits film just on the Royal Yacht Britannia. It surprised us and goes on our must see list.
It is the number 1 attraction in Edinburgh and you can see why. We spent a good 2 hours there and it is a whirl wind tour film that we could not reduce from 10 minutes. Doris walks you all over the ship from the Queen's bedroom, her study, the state dining room, drawing room, sun lounge or tea room and the deck where they partied and played, to officers quarters of all ranks, the wheel house and engine room.

The queens typical day started by being brought tea by her maid then starting in the office for a full day after a bath with the water at the perfect temperature. Such with the family was a buffet, but the evening meal was a very dress for formal occasion.

Take a look at the new Britannia and the cruise stops you can stop at when travelling like royalty, by clicking for the full Doris Visits travel list.Whether you like beaches, discovering, botanical gardens or the military forts and guns, you will find a film by clicking here. Please follow us and share the films.

1. It is a full day start early. see the sites before the Royal Mile gets busy.
2. The local bus will take you to the Royal Yacht, and good place to visit early then get back.
3. Don't start drinking alcohol too early, the night will be longer than you expected.
4. Walking Shoes.
5. Share your pictures with us and share these films with other cruisers.

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