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Thursday, 24 March 2016

10 amazing films on Dubai including the Burj Khalifa SkyBar views

Shades Of Bad release 10 films on Dubai including the tallest building on the planet

Whilst the web series crew sail back from the Caribbean where they have shot more films Dubai fortnight  has been released. Ten films on Dubai, the party playground of the world where everything is bigger and richer, beyond all reason.

All the films are all spectacular, but the film on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa Atmosphere Sky Bar, which is part of the Armani Hotel is nothing short of incredible. There are smaller mountains and it dwarfs the skyscrapers that dwarf skyscrapers.ribbean having shot episode 60, the last episode is season 3 which is due for release on the 28th July, they have auto released twelve films on You Tube this fortnight.

Downtown is a contrast, 99% discounts on 100% genuine fakes, and dinner for pennies.

The keen amongst you may notice that the Dubai films are under a new playlist, their correct title, DORIS VISITS, but is on the company’s main movie channel Freight. A movie they released with ICON.

This is just a case of moving things around and trying to make it all more user friendly.

The Dubai Mall is one of the biggest in the world, and it is full of surprises. Doris explains the Metro and the route from the port.

The Madinat is the playground of the rich. Doris takes the metro out of town, the tram back along the beach, then walks to the Madinat.


Before the end of the month there will be a Caribbean season.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Jean on laying music on film, a break while editing the Dubai Mall film

Jean Heard has the travel series Doris Visits, and also stars in her own TV web show Shades Of Bad which is a continuing TV web drama series with 40 episodes live (two Seasons), and the third Season about to start and almost fully shot. It has fully scored music.

The scored music from the very talented Mark Blackledge of Tamborine Music, and is done for us as his son Buster has directed Seasons 1 and 2 of the show. That looks to have got him his first movie.

Mark has provided us with both he sound mix and music composition up until about episode 38 but he is now doing a major TV cartoon series and a movie, so we have lost him. However, he has supplied us with a library of music cues from the first ten episodes and now Jean lays them on after the edit. The music totals over 30 minutes and obviously fits the dark and comedic nature of the show. Sinister, funny, sad, surprising.

Jean and the team have had to learn a lot more about sound in FCPX sound as before they just handed it to Mark. So, the tricks she has learnt will be shared, but it will mean the sound on all the films that never went to Mark like Ask Doris and the Travel show will be much much better.

Jean is currently editing her trip to the Dubai Mall. With 2 hours of rushes from Dubai there is no telling how many films it the visit will produce, but whether they are completed before she leaves for the Caribbean is a tall order as three episodes missing from Season 3 will be shot this Sunday. So the pipeline is crammed at DorisTV but the How To Film series has started and by far the most popular film of the first three is the one on placing music.

Jean has worked the music into the Season 2 finale episode 40, and here is how she uses the music library. At the end of this film there is an annotation to go to Episode 40, but if it fails to be as smart as it should, come back and click here.