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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

TORTOLA, in the British Virgin Island (2015)


A second visit is planned March 22nd on P&O cruise A606 on the Azura when a new film will be made, a walking tour and a beach. 

Tortola is one of the prettiest islands in the Caribbean. From the moment I arrived in port I was thrilled with the beauty of the island. I decided to do a bus tour and was told to ask for Kitty by one of the other passengers who had visited the island previously and said I would be guaranteed a fun tour with her. Luckily by the time I found her her bus was nearly full and about to leave but we squeezed on. I was not disappointed! Kitty is fun and knowledgeable and seemed to know just about everyone we passed on the tour. 

The roads are narrow and twisting and at some points a little hairy but the drivers are courteous and give way to one another. We climbed quite high up Sage Mountain,but it was worth it as the views were breathtaking, Before tourism, the main source of income on the island was sugar cane, bananas, citrus fruits, coconuts and fishing. The vegetation is lush. Everywhere is emerald green. Twice as much rain falls there as on London. Luckily we didn't have any. We stopped at a lovely beach and had a little paddle in the crystal clear water. There were all sorts of water sports going on and a charming restaurant with wifi. We met a man from Essex who had a stall in a little market by the beach. He said he had decided to leave the rat race and had come to Tortola to live a few years ago and he has never been happier. It is worth noting that for those who do not like to sit in the sun all day there is plenty of shade available on the beaches. It is comfortable under the trees. Our next stop was at the Callwood  rum distillery at Cane Garden bay where rum is produced in much the same fashion as it was over two centuries ago. I am not much of a rum drinker but it tasted nice to me!
We didn't have time to stop everywhere. There is so much choice. We passed a small bar called Boba's bar where they have a festival each year, and apparently if you are worse for wear at the end of the evening they will drive you home. If you are feeling adventurous you can go zip lining, with the Original Virgin Canopy Tours, go sightseeing by helicopter with Antilles Helicopter or swim with the Dolphins at Dolphin discovery at Road Town.
Kitty did stop near here for us to try and spot the Dolphins but we didn't have time to wait so unfortunately we didn't see them, despite my best efforts at Flipper impersonations! Shopping is much the same as other Caribbean Islands, quite touristy but no hassle to buy anything. One bonus we had was that as we walked by the church in the main part of town they were rehearsing Christmas carols which sounded beautiful. Tortola is well worth a visit. I will be going back next year and this time I will do the walking tour. Or maybe the zip lining! 

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