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Sunday, 22 November 2015

BEQUIA - A Cruise ship stop in Bequia

Doris Visits Bequia in the Grenadine Islands for a day from P&O cruise ship Adonia.
Doris is the character from the dark comedy TV web drama series SHADES OF BAD now filming it's second season in Norway and Barcelona.

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If you ask your travel agent for Beckwee or Beckway, the chances are they will not have heard it, and will not be able to look it up. Those who are not local will pronounce it the wrong way, Bequia. The islands are also known as St.Vincent and the Grenadines, or St Vincent Bequia. So, you can use all versions to insist you get there and trust me it is worth it.
By landing on Bequia, you have actually landed on part of St Vincent, it is just that you haven't been on the mainland. Bequia is a most beautiful unspoilt lesser visited smaller island. It boasts being the second largest in the Grenadines, second to St Vincent, but it is still only seven square miles.

Doris, "When we arrived in Bequia I was blown away by the sheer beauty of the island. It was very unspoilt, and simple. We were not besieged by traders trying to sell their wares. There was a little market but they just stood back and let you look. There was also a small art gallery and a boutique selling batik clothing which was all hand painted and hand made. The lady in the shop was delightful, not at all pushy and seemed happy for us to browse and admire her work. It was expensive but well worth it when you think of the time and effort spent. Bequia has a Caribbean feel. The water is crystal clear. Ideal for snorkelling, and you can hire masks and snorkels in Port Elizabeth from Lulleys Tackle or Wallace and Co. I hope other companies will connect with the video and add their details in the comments, because if you have just a few hours there like I did, you need information.
There are water taxis readily available if you want to go island hopping. I was more than happy to wander around the island but there is a turtle sanctuary on the opposite side of the island from the harbour. It is quite expensive to get there in a taxi but there are local buses.
If like me you fancy a wander along the shoreline you will not be disappointed. The views are stunning. There are walkways under the trees so you are sheltered from the sun and you can't miss Jack’s bar which is right on the beach. The lobster there is so fresh that they show you it before they have killed it. That put me off a bit but it was the best lobster I have ever eaten. They also have good music and free wifi in Jack’s bar and they don't seem to mind how long you sit there.

Bequia is like a secret place that a lot of people haven't heard of. The lush vegetation is everywhere and the flowers smell absolutely gorgeous. It is the ideal place for a honeymoon, an anniversary or actually any excuse you can think of. I am so pleased I visited. Wish I could have stayed longer."

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