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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

BARBADOS - An overnight stay in Barbados, meant Friday Night FISH NIGHT

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I was very excited when we arrived in Barbados.

I have been twice before and love it. The only place to go on Friday night is Oistins. Oistins is a fishing village on the coast of Christchurch and on Fridays it comes alive with flame cooked fish everywhere.

There is a DJ on the stage. There is a profusion of outside cafes selling fresh caught fish, or if you are renting and are adventurous you can buy the fish very reasonably and cook it yourself. The portions are massive but you have to get there early because it is difficult to get a seat. Everyone sits on long tables and it is nice to meet new people while you wait. I met a family who were very excited. They had just seen some baby turtles hatch. The atmosphere is relaxed and happy. I saw an amazing sunset over the sea and I even bought a pair of handmade shoes and of course a fridge magnet. Something I do everywhere I go to remind myself of my travels. There were some great craft and jewellery stalls but no hassle to buy. Then of course there is the rum punch which flows everywhere.

I made the most of the next day. Travel is so easy in Barbados. The buses are very frequent and the fare anywhere is 2 Barbados dollars. Then there are the shared taxis that stop at bus stops or anywhere along the road. They are also just 2 Barbados dollars. You have to squeeze in but it adds to the fun. Carribbean music is played everywhere and it is impossible not to smile. I travelled up to Mullins Bay and had lunch in the famous Mullins bar. My favourite coconut shrimp. This brought back memories of when I have visited Barbados before with my children. The beach at Mullins is beautiful. There are lots of water sports available including a banana boat which is brilliant fun.

From Mullins I went to Holetown in St James where there are all the designer shops and great restaurants, and I even walked down to Sandy Lane, which was actually quite a long walk and had a drink in the famous Sandy Lane hotel where we saw another great sunset. Back on the bus again to Worthing where there is one of the longest boardwalks I have seen. I had a drink in the Tiki bar on the beach which promised live music that evening, and there was a tame monkey that someone was taking for a walk on a lead. He was very mischievous and reminded me of Ross' monkey in Friends. The beaches everywhere here along the coast are white sand, very clean and crystal clear water.

Back to Bridgetown with its departmental stores and markets. Bridgetown is very busy but if you want to relax there go down to the Boatyard which is a beach club on another lovely beach where you can go out on a glass bottom boat snorkel or just chill. All in all Barbados is one of my favourite places to stay and the memory of the crickets who sing so loudly in the evening has always remained with me and always makes me smile. I am definitely going back for another visit.

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